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Vivek Ranjan Agnihotri’s The Kashmir Files – A Review

  “Where were you in 1990?” my son asked curiously when he saw us shell-shocked and teary eyed on our return from The Kashmir Files. “We were here in Delhi,” we mumbled. “In fact, I distinctly remember sitting on the bed with you in my lap and watching the monthly news video, News Track, where Benazir Bhutto bloodthirsty and hoarse gesticulated cutting up into pieces, the then Lt Governor.  "Jag-Jag-Mo-Mo-Han-Han and the chants of Hum Kya Chahete? Azaadi!” that had frozen my brain with fear at the time - till I heard it again during the CAA Protests when it brought back a flood of memories, this time, enraging me no end. How they taunt us, were my first thoughts and that anthem Hum Dekhenge that pierced the veneer of sham that we call Secularism in our country. “Yes, I remember clutching you tight as news filtered to us of family and friends leaving with whatever they could leave for Jammu and other parts of the country”. “Yes, I remember every story, every murder and the insult

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