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Fear That Ignites A Furnace

  Fear That Ignites A Furnace In some quarters there is a visceral hatred that can be cut with a knife.  Since May 2014, family, friendships, WhatsApp groups, television debates are divided into a warring, cantankerous two.  People who had never been heard discussing politics except mildly tch tch-ing over zeros in UPA scams, Sonia Gandhi’s delectable table or her envied collection of sarees, were suddenly experts on everything.  It seemed India, the land of milk and honey till yesterday, was now suddenly besieged with intolerance, communalism, regressiveness and fascism by the ‘Hindutva types’. Along with Narendra Modi who won an impressive mandate, a large section of this country was also tarred by the same brush of hate.  The derisive Bhakt spat on faces.  According to them, 2014 exposed monstrous traits that till recently we did not possess or at least, that had been controlled and suppressed by our so called superior intellectual elite.  As it became more evident that the hem-kis

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