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Matters Of The Heart

As we watched the visuals of Kashi Vishwanath Dham unfold before us - unimaginable only seven years ago - millions of Hindus in this vast country had to deal with emotions with their chest prised open.  Joy, that Kashi, has risen once again as a symbol of our unity which we are constantly told we don’t possess.  Endurance, that every time it was destroyed, we rebuilt it.  Somewhere, somehow over the ages remarkable Queens, Maharajas and Rajas understood the civilisational significance of Kashi and put their all to restore this immortal city. Unspoken sadness, at what our ancestors must have borne to see a masthead of their faith humiliated and destroyed repeatedly… the memory of which, perhaps carried through generations.  Anger, that hiding behind weak excuses, we allowed our Kashi to be reduced to a derelict, dirty, labyrinth. And finally hope.  Hope, that this is just the beginning of a resurrection and renewal which will reclaim traditions, knowledge, and glory. One has only to sp

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