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When Ignorance And Arrogance Converge, Blind To A Monumental Watershed Moment

In the early 1980s, a Delhi dinner party unfolded, hosted by a socialite of some lineage known for assembling a captivating mix of beautiful individuals, the influential, the well-connected and an occasional fixer. The guest list was restricted to the seating capacity of the dining table and the comfort of shared backgrounds in schools, universities, clubs, and even intertwined familial histories. Amidst the smooth flow of scotch and conversation, the hostess revealed the coup of securing the latest sensation of the city to join them, despite his hectic schedule. His mere mention sparked a flurry of anecdotes among the dozen guests, each eager to demonstrate their proximity to the esteemed figure. It was not rare to see a handloom saree with a big red tikka among the georgettes and chiffons then. However it was not often yet to see public school boys, Oxford, Cambridge and Ivy League alumni in kurta pyjamas and pashminas draped in a style soon made cool by a young prime minister.  Whe

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