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Who Let The Hyenas Out?

  It was an onslaught that shook India.   Not only did the virus raise its ugly head once again and touch every doorstep in some way but it also seemed as if the rest of the world had descended upon us, almost in jubilation, feeding on our grief.  Finally, India was experiencing the chaos, mayhem, suffering, death that they had been predicting and eagerly hoping for since the first attack of Covid-19.  Not since the Migrant Labour Exodus had such a juicy bone been thrown to them, to chew on.  WhatsApp, social media, phone calls were abuzz with a lexicon that not many want normally to familiarise themselves with - Remdesivir, oxygen concentrators, ventilators, plasma! Heightened anxiety and panic was made worse by scavengers hoping to catapult into fame by baying and circling hospital corridors, wards, cremation grounds and now even ICUs, for that one perfectly captured image of a suffering person, not caring in the least if they were bereft of dignity in private grief. Occasional mo

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