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Jeep At The Gate

  A few years ago, on one of our many walks together, my father had turned to me and said rather matter-of-factly, “If something happens to me, call my old regiment. They will handle everything.” It was a distressing and uncomfortable moment, but he carried on regardless. “Your contact details are in a file with the Commanding Officer, and it will pass seamlessly to the next so don’t worry about that. You only must make a call and the standard operating procedure will fall into place.” Then he had returned home and instead of taking the lift he walked up five floors to his apartment, which he did till a few days before he fell ill. *********** “Why must we go to the park?” the little girl complained. “Why can’t we stay home with you?” It didn’t seem her mother was listening to her as she continued all the while to pull the dress over her head, quickly buttoning it up, sitting her down for her socks and shoes, briskly brushing her hair and arranging the hairband into place. Her baby br

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