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The Drip-Drip of Synchronised Poison

We had heard so much about the almost legendary online right-wing troll mob that a picture immediately came to mind – of marauding, rape threatening, acid throwing, Trishul wielding Internet Hindoos who did not allow, genteel, cultured, unprejudiced, repositories of wisdom, scholars, intellectuals and celebrated journalists, get a word in edgeways. One was given to believe that these paan chewing and gutka spitting (just taking the imagery further) trolls had debased debate to such an extent that the Left-Liberal found itself so out of place in this boorish environment. It is said, however, every truth, has two sides. It is well to look at both before we commit ourselves to either. So, for us ordinary folk on social media, the biggest takeaway since 2014 has not only been the meltdown of media luminaries and other celebrity liberals but the exposure of its very ugly face. Unlike, the BJP ‘trolls’ who according to some sophisticates are “lunkheads, tweeting at Rs.2 per tweet in some din

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