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Lok Sabha Results 2024. A Historic Third Term and Our Vulnerabilities

  As the news began filtering in about the BJP and NDA not having as many numbers as we had been expecting and the Ayodhya results that shocked us all, the WhatsApp groups of Modi supporters erupted into accusations and laments, self-flagellation as some sections are often wont to do.  "Hindus are their own worst enemies."  "Hindus stab Hindus in the back.”  "Hindus sell themselves for a few rupees."  "Hindus this, Hindus that!"  Amidst the blame game, devoid of substantiated reasons, facts or data, we found ourselves in a state of self-inflicted embarrassment. Let's reflect for a moment. It's merely a decade, or generously speaking, fifteen years since the Hindus began their journey of consolidation. Undoubtedly, there's a long road ahead, but the journey has commenced.  We were divided by our colonizers, our differences highlighted, our commonalities ignored, and thereafter by the Congress who followed the same playbook to the letter. 

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