Apart From The Monumental Corruption….

Apart from monumental corruption, destruction of institutions & a criminal intent to hold the country back, the worst crime by far has been the insidious encouragement of the disease of cynicism to creep & eat into our innards leaving us hollow by those who held power for decades

imagine the control over a billion people who expected nothing because they had come to believe no one, trust no one & lived in a perpetual state of gratefulness for a roof over their head, water, a few hours of electricity, a much sought after LPG cylinder, an education, a train berth & a hospital bed when required. 

This quest for basics left us with no time or strength to ask questions, seek answers from our rulers. And when we did, predictably things were hushed & buried allowing the same people accused of crimes to continue as judge & jury.

Hence the shock to the old establishment & its pliant ecosystem that we people want more, ask for more, expect more. Leaving their politicians, accustomed to power for generations with nothing to say or offer in this new scenario & ending up sounding hilariously disconnected.

Their minions scurrying in panic to prop them up at any cost because their lives depend on it. 

Among us however, the old disease isn’t easy to shed. It creeps back & rears its head ever so often despite the many unimaginable changes we see.

~Just watch nothing will happen~

~They’ll cut a deal ~

We may be not far off the mark. 

But by not expecting anything we hand over our power as citizens & give them a free pass. 

Social Media allows us to push, demand, question institutions & the powerful.

Don’t let up. Be heard. 

Don’t succumb to cynicism – It not only kills you your child’s future too.


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