In Response To Chetan Bhagat’s – The youth need to shut their phones….

Most off-putting are articles where the author begins by presuming the reader to be stupid. 

Then what makes it worse is a simplistic argument that broad-brushes the situation with inanities, presumptions and cliches. Exposing a superficial understanding of the subject and a laziness in making an effort to offer solutions to a problem that affects us all. 

According to Chetan Bhagat the very people who are reeling under the impact of a shrinking economy are busy solving Bollywood conspiracies and are on their phones with silly video games and porn…

Then what led him to believe that they need help if they are in such a wonderful carefree state?

It could be, he writes, our fatalistic attitude and mentions Hindus specifically -That God created the problem and so God will fix it –

Is this to say that the other communities have a better grip on the situation and are more realistic because they have other beliefs ?

The author has shared no data to back this argument. 

Guessing therefore, that if there is no money and God forbid no takeaway, malls, online shopping one is motivated to work harder and go to the shinier, happier place ?

Have to confess (oops!) that it’s strange that I hadn’t particularly noticed other folks zipping ahead.…

The writer also believes that the strict enforcement of the lockdown was unnecessary and a country like ours could hardly afford it. The acceptance of difficulties and challenges that ensued is according to him, because of our ability and pride in bearing pain ‘kasht’. 

Wonder if we had chosen the path of herd immunity as the UK initially did (then hastily retracted once the number of fatalities soared and their burdened healthcare system was unable to handle the crisis ) would Bhagat have lamented that this was due to the Hindu belief in rebirth ?

Would he then have chided us for not caring about the fatality numbers because we were comforted by the fact that we would all be reborn sometime soon ?

Hindsight as they say is always 20/20. 

The impression one gets from the first few paragraphs at least is that the lockdown, the ‘looming’ economic crisis, the lack of direction etc are the responsibility and concern of only one segment of society. 

The author also suggests we look deep within and ask ourselves if we want to be a rich nation. I would think that is easy question with a simple counter question – Who doesn’t want to be rich ? 

So that that we don’t go off on a philosophical tangent, I must hasten to mention here that the definition of this rests solely with the individual as we must be sensitive to the non-materialistic ones among us. Hindus again !

The more difficult question would be –

How do we become rich?

But for that we will have to plod through I guess another article to see if Bhagat offers any solutions because in this one there are no signs of it. 

However, there is a passing homily for those with fly-by-night aspirations – you can’t get rich when you hate each other or with religious chants. Get it?


I must mention here that I write this on a working Sunday, responding to emails, scheduling the week ahead with supervisors, poring over drawings, while my team of workers, age group 22-45 are putting in eight hours of toil and sweat to catch up with orders and delivery. We await a dozen more men who will return from their villages next week.

Yes Chetan Bhagat, we dream of growth and making a good living. 

We have also dared to set a few goals for the rest of financial year 2020-21. 

This is because we have the luxury of being alive and are hopeful we will remain heathy. 

That is a BIG thing when you work with people who live four to six in a postage stamp room, using public toilet facilities in an unauthorised colony with limited water and electric supply. 

In these trying circumstances with stressful but necessary social distancing protocols we are making a new beginning. 

As I hear from colleagues and friends  across the world, no matter how generous government assistance is, it is never considered enough and enterprises devastated by the pandemic are perpetually hungry for more. 

Vague homilies, snarky comments don’t encourage debate on important subjects. With an exceptional educational background and experience solutions and suggestions would be so much more welcome.

We are eager to hear them.

Worldwide people have risen to build again when ruined by war and natural calamities, Why should this time be any different ?

No doubt, being realistic is imperative but prophecies of doom, gloom, blame never helped anyone. Moreover, when we have barely reached the shores traversing un-charted waters. 

No doubt there will be people who will slip through the cracks and bear the brunt of this pandemic and the decisions that followed, implemented with the best of intentions. 

Besides the absolute necessity of a supportive government and it’s agencies the positivity, hope and optimism of fellow countrymen is important. 

Indians are not stupid- with exceptions found in TV studios or rent a cause candle light marches. They are hardworking and diligent. Millions, putting in man hours, unimaginable to us, on a small tiffin of few rotis and saag, grateful for that cup of tea and a piping hot samosa while they give their all for a better future.

On the other hand it would be foolish to underestimate young people in our own extended families and place of work. Between their phones which keeps them abreast of the world and their gyms, they have a propensity for hard work, a fire in their belly that fuels dreams, that were unattainable to us at that age.

Leave the uni-dimensional stories to the Left Liberals, specialists in hopelessness and join the real world.

                             ~ALL WE HAVE IS NOW. A NEW BEGINNING~


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