Slay It By Standing Together !

With a pandemic at our door they broke every rule in the book compromising a billion people.

When quarantined these men, who we were told have spent most of their lives in mosques ‘praying’, didn’t resign themselves quietly to medical practitioners as one would have thought pious people would, should – but instead spat and pelted stones at them. 

They also flashed themselves at nurses, defecated in full view and worse, continue to be dragged out of neighbourhood mosques, congregating in large numbers, putting us all at risk. 

When a shocked, horrified and angry country learnt that how, a so far successful lockdown at great expense to personal freedom and economic activity had been sabotaged we were offered the insulting-to-our-intelligence term : Single Source, to count the mounting infected tally. 

…..And not to mention the hollow, useless opinions of a certain group of people who found absolutely nothing wrong in these misdeeds and desperately but unsuccessfully tried to whitewash it all. 

But then as we know images are more powerful than words and remain etched in our subconscious for a very long time indeed. As did the recent Open-Your-Eyes Course with sledgehammer accuracy via the images of CAA protests, the venomous sloganeering of Shaheen Bagh, the blood fest of Delhi Riots and now the Tablighi Jamaat incident…

So it has been that while we went about our lives, working hard, building a future for our children a slithery snake was being fed in our backyards by dangerous breeders & manipulators. They pampered it, ghettoised it, encouraged it to remain insular & it has since grown into a big fat, unmanageable Black Anaconda now restless in its cramped quarters, pounding at the fence, hungry to squeeze the life out of what we hold dear – our traditions, our culture, our way of life, our ethos….our very country. 

Surprisingly little videos seem to make it prickly, unaccustomed to any attention, but to itself. 

It also seems our unity and numbers make it uncomfortable as it had always believed that just baring it’s fangs was enough to make us scramble and cajole it with assurances of its secure, place of privilege.

But it must be said, no matter how late, 2020 has been a culmination of lessons learnt – there is only one way to beat this snake and that is by slaying it. By standing together – unapologetically.  

In this fight for national survival you are either with us or against us. 

Screw political correctness and that incessant whining when it comes to calling a spade a spade. If we can’t say it now we might as well roll over and die. 

As for that Dirty Dozen with their chota-mota sidekicks, they have only harmed their own cause. 

This is no secret cabal but each member easily identifiable by any Indian who reads the papers, watches TV, owns a cell phone or for God’s sake by their synchronised tweets !

Laugh in their face, take down & call out every lie, every fake news, every lament of victim hood – making them irrelevant and thus powerless. 

Slay it by standing together – unapologetically !