The Drip-Drip of Synchronised Poison

We had heard so much about the almost legendary online right-wing troll mob that a picture immediately came to mind – of marauding, rape threatening, acid throwing, Trishul wielding Internet Hindoos who did not allow, genteel, cultured, unprejudiced, repositories of wisdom, scholars, intellectuals and celebrated journalists, get a word in edgeways.

One was given to believe that these paan chewing and gutka spitting (just taking the imagery further) trolls had debased debate to such an extent that the Left-Liberal found itself so out of place in this boorish environment.

It is said, however, every truth, has two sides. It is well to look at both before we commit ourselves to either.

So, for us ordinary folk on social media, the biggest takeaway since 2014 has not only been the meltdown of media luminaries and other celebrity liberals but the exposure of its very ugly face.

Unlike, the BJP ‘trolls’ who according to some sophisticates are “lunkheads, tweeting at Rs.2 per tweet in some dingy basement in Chennai or San Diego” the Congress, its sidekicks and ecosystem, we were given to believe, had only ‘dissenters and debaters’, educated, enlightened, with a certain class and upbringing, a je ne sais pas quoi quality of cosmopolitanism, proud of their ability to speak the Queen’s English, connoisseur of all things good, taken very much for granted in Lutyens Delhi, who opined with deep deliberation from wood-panelled studies.

Yet, from what is evident, these exalted people (from their book lined studies, no doubt) are simply the mirror image of the very image of trolls they had created for us. Completely in sync when it comes to pushing ‘perception’ of drivers over data, lamenting over the plight of farmers, fishermen, migrant workers and building an argument against bullet trains, submarines, fighter aircrafts, GST, Demonetization, the declining rupee, the crumbling economy, restoring ancient names of cities and straight up lies.

They trade on “collective speech and collective unreason,” attempting to push a narrative, mostly unsuccessfully, purely because they have a platform and reach. Which now, much to their chagrin is slowly shrinking.

As it has happened time and again, it’s no longer a coincidence that so many of these Leading Lights write identical tweets, that end up being deleted hastily and embarrassing themselves.

The most recent being –

Other examples.

To go back to 2017 when they remembered Bilkis Bano within minutes of each other…

When they could no longer lobby for cabinet berths, they could only guess in tandem…

Even exposing shameless Brown Sepoys Colours together…

Tweeting on custom duties…

When ‘intoxication of power” became a distinctive phrase at the restoration of Faizabad’s name to the original Ayodhya.

Before the 2019 Lok Sabha Elections, the usual culprits exhort their Master in unison…

No matter how lofty the claims of this supercilious Club, the aim remains “to create a wall of sound” – at a price.

To this end, true to their Macaulay education, the All-Season Experts replicate word for word of what looks like a template sent out on a given subject.

Is it, that they are not confident of their ability to communicate? Were they always trolls by another name? Or is it that the Command Centre has always spoon-fed these ‘celebrity journalists and panellists’?

Looking back, Nira Radia’s conversation with a high-flying editor was indeed, revealing, “Write this!”

“Like this or like that….?” asked the editor meekly.

“Like THIS!”

In their hierarchy, Tier 2 consists of foul mouth men and women, who drop four-letter words after every five, no doubt in English, without impunity. Some, of course, graduate to hit-job articles while the rest keep trying, hoping to be noticed.

The activation of op-eds and tweets with military precision exposes an ominous side of the cutely nicknamed Pidis.

Unlike, the ‘right-wing’ there is only occasional squabbling and hair-splitting among them. In fact, what cannot be missed is a united coming together with a strict, enforced sense of oneness – be it for thieves, murderers, rapists. Bound by a brooding introspection as to whatever happened to those wonderful days when people blindly accepted what they doled out…

The discipline of copying the template is followed all the way from the top.

Remember people, everyone has a boss. Even the Clown Prince.

Since its a free country we can only speculate – Soros? The Chinese? International NGOs? The Vatican? ISI?

Old regular columnists, journalist cum wheeler-dealers who for decades dished out popcorn that passed off as news, nuanced debate and unprejudiced fare are now making that last-ditch effort of trying to sell everything and anything.

The Memo recieved probably reads-

Morons follow the instructions! Copy the tweet!

To those who are shocked at the Club’s visible mental disintegration.

~They are just angry because the truth you speak contradicts the lie, they live~

Whereas, to ignore them is to allow them to thrive, at the peril of our way of life, our aspirations for the future, our very existence.

~The most dangerous people in the world are not only the tiny minority instigating evil acts, but those who do the acts for them~

Today, 26 January 2021 is a witness. Strict and severe action by the State cannot be delayed a minute longer.

Update :

Do keep abreast of the lynch mob that will now devour and destroy their own – Deep Sidhu.


  1. The new blog is decidedly an improvement over the old one. All the best with it.

    1. Excellent very well analysis of activities of cabal & updated information chronologically collated for me not so regular on news as well SM platforms.

  2. Outstanding article and articulation ! Should rech more readers in morelanguages too.

  3. Another wonderful Piece. Loved the way you have shared the tweets of these gang for strengthening your argument. More and more strength to you.

  4. Riveting. I’ll see that it reaches some Morons who spew vitriol, without any basic intelligence.

  5. Excellent piece. But its scary hoe these voices are drowning out sane ones in the pandemic. Dementors Im afraid will succed in their mission.

    1. Thank you ! Thanks to SM people have access to much more information than before. Also note the derision towards old media 'stars'... in my opinion there will definitely be a churning before long.

  6. Outstanding article! As always love reading your articles...They are always so apt.

  7. excellent analysis ..well done

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