Voting Day – 10 April 2014

 I cast my vote today for the BJP – for Narendra Modi as PM.

There are 3 men who are up for the job.

1. A man who has been a Parliamentarian for 10 years. He has attended Parliament 10 times & asked 3 questions. He says he was & is busy with lofty ambitions and is not really interested in the job.

2. A man who says the Congress is bad & the BJP is bad….& though he had an absolutely wonderful opportunity to give us that promised alternative he kicked it & went around the country saying the saying same thing but with nothing to show.

3. A man who said he is fit able & ready for the job. Who has worked and has a State to showcase what he has achieved.

Having lived through the ’64 riots in Madras.’67 riots in Ranchi. ’69 & ’73 riots in Ahmedabad & ’84 riots in Delhi – I have a fair idea what why & who constructs these horrible crimes.

Just like young people in India believe that Kargil is the only war India fought thanks to NDTV’s coverage. 2002 is not the only riot India has experienced….& we have allowed men & women who engineered those riots to govern us for decades.

We brandish those we don’t like “Hitler” too easily as we have seen with candidate #3. Visit Dachau Treblinka & Auschwitz to understand the Holocaust.

With the shameful loot that has taken place during the UPA regime- Food has been snatched from a starving child. The sick have been deprived of healthcare. There are no schools for our young. Water roads housing remain a distant dream….the numbers affected by this loot would by far exceed the 6 million Jews exterminated by Hitler.


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