The Hunter. The Hunted.

With what face can those who stole, plundered, deceived, colonised, enslaved, annihilated cultures, justified abominable atrocities in the name of colour, race and even destroyed indigenous wildlife in a brazen show of drunken power have the nerve to lecture us on tolerance, democracy, inclusiveness?

Wealth, they say, gives them power! Ha!

Even that, is from the back, the toil, the blood of our ancestors. Their museums filled with our art and treasure.

Cloaked in 21st century sanctimoniousness this pillage and racism continues in their own inner cities, no go zones... 

and then across the world, in the Middle East, Africa, India, South Asia, Latin America...enabled by the same lot even today. Only by another name.

Yes, even the modus operandi remains the same - little sepoys, those servile brown coolies, scurrying to help. White washing, sanitising history, nibbling and gnawing at self esteem.…

Mastah! Mastah ! Three Bags Full Sir !
The interviewer below makes an interesting case study.

Strange how deeply they fear our nationalism.
But don’t think anything of a God Bless America, hand on their heart, or head bowed to their own sovereigns.

Bureau Chiefs, other assorted specimens of western publications and NGOs overwhelmed by attention, social engagements and a new lifestyle send out ‘exotic’ stuff to remain relevant at home and justify those salaries.

For too long there has been a free pass for mediocrity, for people with a limited understanding of the political dynamics of this country, our culture, history, not even going into the civilisational aspect, that have indicted millions with their smugness, self righteousness that no longer
hides a devious intent.

That intent being : We want our people in your top offices. It facilitates and accelerates our access to power. Till that happens we declare your Democracy Dead....

Only - they haven’t recognised One Simple Fact.

The Lion has learnt to write and the Hunter’s word is not the last one.....


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