Truth Hurts, But Lies Kill

It never ceases to amaze how people like Shekhar Gupta push the belief that one large section of our society must be treated more than equal, cocooned, mollycoddled, constantly placated and pacified lest it turns against the rest of us. 

Strange, that they can’t see how this very fear distorted secularism in our democracy in the first place, and has harmed us the most. 

One has been given to believe that it has the ‘first right to resources’. It’s feelings, sentiments and religious sensitivities are expected to be respected before anyone else’s. 

The other however, is now openly resentful and no longer hesitates to voice it’s anger at the special treatment - be it in the sphere of education, government control over places of worship, the right to celebrate festivities and traditions or simply the act of camouflaging names of criminals in newspaper reports.

It seems just by demanding parity, mind you not primacy, has caused much insecurity to those accustomed to being most favoured. The propagators in turn were caught surprised at the usually silent majority but are now angered at its temerity. 

Are public intellectuals, sections of the media so blinkered and devoid of new thought that instead of recognising the errors of the past and propagating the same old ideas of pampering, overindulging they rarely suggest assimilation, integration and a level playing field?

The entire effort it seems, goes into placing a community apart. A mental and physical ghettoization that neither works for the community in the long run nor the rest of the country. It is indeed unfortunate that even seventy four years after Partition it is these pussy-footing peddlers who have brought us to such a pass. Them versus Us. 

It is not Hinduism, not Hindutva or any other name they want to foist on their blunders. 


Then last but not the least comes the over-simplification and the reductionist logic which goes best with some Sunday morning whitewashing. 

“People of my generation who grew up in northern India associate Islam not with praying five times a day but with poetry, literature, cinema, and music. Indian Islam did not forbid these things. 

I have nostalgic memories of pre-Hindutva Delhi. It was a time when we would go to mushairas and concerts every other day, a time when we went to the dargah of Nizamuddin Aulia on Thursday evenings to listen to qawwalis and a time when we would wake early some mornings to breakfast on ‘nihaari’ in Karim’s restaurant that sits in the shadow of the Jama Masjid”

If things were so wonderful can the author of this piece tell us why in 1947 were the states of Punjab and Bengal torn into two?

And across the decades, in ‘pre-Hindutva’ India why were Hindu-Muslim riots so frequent and bloody?

Because, if I may exercise my right to opinion and say so -

Those who…

“went to the dargah of Nizamuddin Aulia on Thursday evenings 

to listen to qawwalis and a time when we would wake early some mornings to breakfast on ‘nihaari’ in Karim’s restaurant that sits in 

the shadow of the Jama Masjid”

....closed their eyes to ugly politics that were played out in the name of half-baked secularism by politicians, validated by qawwali aficionados, in our slums and mofussil towns. They also conveniently turned a deaf ear to the wails and screams of ordinary, marginalised Indians as they salvaged meagre belongings and family from arson and slaughter. 

Not to worry, there was more advantage in the aftermath. Everyone was in the game. 

To put it on the table, my generation before it turned thirty-three in ‘Pre-Hindutva India’ witnessed -

Ranchi ‘67

Ahmedabad ‘69 ‘73

Moradabad ‘80

Nellie ‘83 

Bhiwandi ‘84

Gujarat ‘85

Jammu & Kashmir '86

Meerut ‘87

Delhi '87

Aurangabad '88

Muzaffarnagar '88

Bhagalpur ‘89

Kota '89

Badaun '89

Indore '89

Kashmiri Pandits ‘90

Colonelganj '90

Gujarat '90

Karnataka '90

Hyderabad '90

Kanpur '90

Agra '90

Gonda '90

Khurja '90

Saharanpur '91

Meerut '91

Varanasi '91

Sitamarhi '92

Bombay ‘92

Karnataka '92

Hubli '94

Bangalore ‘94

But then, some only remember the succulent nihaari. 

After all, what is a little blood on the street if it pays for it …?

~If you have always believed that everyone should play by the same rules and be judged by the same standards, that would have got you labelled a radical 60 years ago, a liberal 30 years ago and a racist today~ Thomas Sowell


  1. Reminds me of a couple of quotes by Franklin D. Roosevelt and a few others ...

    "Appeasement" is the policy of feeding your friends to a crocodile, one at a time, in hopes that the crocodile will eat you last.

    No man can tame a tiger into a kitten by stroking it. There can be no appeasement with ruthlessness. There can be no reasoning with an incendiary bomb.

    An appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile, hoping it will eat him last.
    Winston Churchill

    Appeasement only makes the aggressor more aggressive.
    Dean Rusk

    1. You are on target. Glad the common man, the Hindus have started to understand what the game is but unfortunately we have our Jaichands who believe they will be the last to be eaten by the elegator.

  2. Nandini you pen what we all have done and felt in the past so beautifully. I’m glad we are slowly but subtly waking up reality - just hope it’s not too late.

  3. What a sissy logic Shekhar Gupta and the likes give to appease Muslims. Shameful. Let's not miss the eye of the fish which the Islamists have set for India - Gazwa E Hind. They are very focused but are we.

    1. in my opinion, integration & assimilation is the only way.... or else will live forever with the 'other'

  4. Ma'am, it's a pleasure to read you... Always ❣️

  5. Absolutely to the point....👍👍👍

    You have hit the nail on their heads

  6. Regarding Gupta, I've stopped trusting his writings ever since his phony coup story, earning him the name Coupta.

    But it is really sad how Tavleen Singh of the qawwali and nihaari has morphed. I've been a regular reader of her Sunday column in IE ever since the days Goenka Sr. and Arun Shouri were at the helm At one time she was the only one in the New Delhi press to speak on our behalf. If I remember correctly, she was the first columnist of note to call Hinduism by its correct term Sanatan Dharma, and to remind the samudai vishesh that they were safe in India because of the tolerance of the majority. Chalojee, whatever be the reason she isn't worth reading anymore.

    And your blog is very correct. IMO tolerance and appeasement are two different things. Lutyens types are suggesting that samudai vishesh are becoming talibanised because the Hindus are getting intolerant. In fact the Hindus have stopped taking more bullsh*t precisely because the Ms are getting talibanised. Many may not know it but the Tableeghi Jamaat have been working quietly on their community for the past decades to make them more fanatic. Ordinary shopkeepers who were indistinguishable from their neighbours suddenly spouted beards and started dressing in little round caps, and bada bhai ka kurta and chhota bhai ka pajama.

    1. Tavleen was running her personal feud against Sonia as she was insulted in Durbar. She is an out and out Lutyenian. She was never really against the culture of Delhi Durbar, just angry that she was no longer invited.
      She was a woman scorned. She still is. Par excellence...

    2. I think Tavleen only put her feud with Sonia out in the open in her book Durbar when it was obvious the Sonia star was setting.

      It was extremely dangerous to carry out feuds with the mafia when it was at the height of its power - the wasted decade of 2004 to 2014. Too many inconvenient folks died oh-so-conveniently in mysterious circumstances.

      The whole top BJP leadership would have been despatched in one fell stroke if the Batla House encounter hadn't taken place. And Modi would have been a mere picture in a frame if the Ishrat Jahan gang had succeeded in their mission.

      If all these weren't safe, Tavleen kya cheez thhi?

  7. It summarised the point that how secularism made us proverbial "Shuturmurgh" keeping our eyes closed, burying out heads in sand of secularism.

  8. People like shekhar gupta are becoming a serious security threat , by undercutting a real threat , and encouraging the religio criminals with acceptability.

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  10. Indore 89 knew about the riots in advance when, where and how it would start ..... was part of the secular gang.... no more

  11. Nandini ji. your pen has succinctly written truth that has been felt by all those who don't belong to these Lutyens brigade,Khan market gang etc.Maximum damage to India's social fabric has been caused by these dyed in wool gang.Its because of them today WB, Kerala n so many pockets in other states face are facing the ugly reality of sickularism advocated by these english speaking elite n we seem to be staring at another civil war .

  12. Spot on. Keep them coming. We have come to the stage when Hindus are expected to stop breathing if some Gupta or tavleen suspects that some fake minority community may be offended by the breath.

  13. Savage

    Yondoos should start reading Geeta more and more as it clearly defines what one should do to protect Dharma and one self against the evils i.e. one should follow Krishna with flute and with Sudarshan Chakra

    1. YONDOOS ?
      Unlike Shakespeare who said, What's In A Name?, Hindus must get over this colonial contagion of Self-mockery by the Natives, dutifully institutionalised by Nehru to hide his economic failures by terming it The Hindu Rate of Growth.
      And speaking about the Sudarshan Chakra, Krishna Is Not The Coconut Falling On The Head When We Enjoy Our Siesta Under A Palm Tree. The Gods Plough A Lonely Furrow When Hindus Are Busy Sowing Their Wild Oats Elsewhere..........🌴🙏🌴

  14. Reading this made me realise how my thinking too changed over the years as I saw the change in the majority of the Ms behavior.
    I've a good number of friends belonging to that ism but they are just a few in the vast majority, who were educated enough to keep their religion private and without any secret agendas. They have been good citizens of the country but the same can't be said about the majority of their brethren.

  15. Nandini you were always spot on, Wonderfully encountered Gupta and likes, he was always an opportunist. We need to look for more Jaichands hidden in our society. Keep it up.

  16. superbly expressed! we have grown up "apologetic" about our identity. we were made to feel ashamed of our rituals and not to express ourselves lest it "hurt" minority "sentiments". Thank God there is an awakening in the younger generation who have learnt that enough is enough and that we shall stand tall and proud. I only pray that it becomes stronger with a matching mettle of selflessness and a sense of dharma.

  17. Yes, appeasement creates separation. Let's have a level playing field and live in harmony na? What's the problem bhai? The Muslim Indian , as the great jurist CJ and Ambassador to USA, MC Chagla preferred to call himself, is well integrated and lives peaceably in this country with a population twice the size of our neighbour. Let the majority be aware of a possible threat from the Jaichands and Mir Sadiqs.

  18. As usual, no beating around the bush,Ma'am you went straight to the point and spoke bluntly. This is actually the need of the hour but the warped in our society will remain in denial.

  19. Superb. A brat has been encouraged to become a bully, while they stood around & applauded the blood letting during the day & enjoyed Qawwalis on Thursday evenings.

  20. Incisive. You wield that pen like a rapier. Perhaps I should say, a devastatingly भारी डंडा !!

  21. Great article ma'am!
    Tavleen Singh is so much in a bubble that she almost blows one when she speaks.

  22. well written the true facts. but only limited people can understand. in order that it is read and understood by common people please write more directley instead of discreatley and give a call to protest for every rights and fight against all appeasements. only people like you are doing great service and i wish more join you. It is in your hands to make more join you by directly wtritten simple facts. Govt should play its parts.
    congrats nadiniji

  23. Excellent counter to false narrative of secularists & pseudo liberals like Coupta & gang

  24. Nation should demand Presidential form of the Government like USA. Bargaining power will be minimised.

  25. I remember a time during the 1970s-80s when rampant Fanaticism and Secularism made no bones about being unapologetic bedfellows, scandalising in the process the tolerant sensibilities of the majority community. When fears began to be expressed that an inevitable backlash from the Hindus would ensue, it was dismissed outright as unbecoming, uncharacteristic and even beyond the historical capacity of the community to outrage and throw down the gauntlet of their displeasure.
    The spell-binding journey of the BJP from the fringes and into the mainstream of our national lives is the journey from mute diffidence to righteous defiance, and what better testimony to the agony and ecstacy of that long overdue struggle than the ongoing construction of a Temple at Ayodhya at the birthplace of Lord Shri Ram.
    Today, not for nothing do we say, MERA BHARAT BADAL RAHA HAIN.
    India is changing in more ways than one. And again, what better testimony to that Reawakening than the growing instances of Hindus at last acting upon their outrage and making it count as exemplified by the resounding pushback witnesses worldwide against Breaking India Forces dreaming of Dismantling Global Hindutva ?

  26. Super piece.

    We need to deconstruct radical islam. We must reconvert people who are raising doubts about Islam, give them opportunity to turn back to Hinduism.

    The battle for demography needs proper action.


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